In practice, the management of protected area requires the cooperation of many stakeholders, ranging from policy makers to decision-makers.

The Nikaj-Mertur administration directs and guides visitors coming to the PNB. This administration also deals with informing residents of the area about zoning, permitted activities in the park and those forbidden for each zone.

The Municipality of Tropoja informs the community on their property rights, how to independently administer the incomes they generate, and ways to exercise lawful economic activity.

Tropoja’s Regional Administration for Protected Areas (AdZM) works to observe the appropriate environmental laws, verifies the applicability of the laws and legal acts related to Regional Nature Parks, and oversees communal forests and pastures within the park territory. AdZM also assists the park administration in preventing and removing natural disasters like forest fires and landslides.

The Kukes County Council approves various development documents and supports project implementation on the local level.

The Ministry of Tourism and Environment drafts relevant legislation related to protected areas, defines the appropriate rules of protected area management and acts as a controlling and monitoring authority on environmental issues, forests and protected areas.